Metro: Last Light and 6 new free games

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Dear friend of Neoang3l grab your free games, Add another great FREE game to your library. This time it’s Metro: Last Light Complete Edition and 6 new free games available on Steam, now for your PC.

Metro: Last Light Complete Edition
The Unfallens: Awakening
Machine Heart
Dubspace – Chapter 1
Lies of Astaroth
Battle Grid: Prologue
Orb Flight

Time to talk about free games available on Steam, six new titles ready to play without spending a cent. The news coincides with the 10th anniversary of 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic shooter, Metro Last Light Definitive Edition, which is also free now but for a limited time. The first game made free on Steam is Dubspace , a cyberpunk adventure in zero gravity, followed by Lies of Astaroth, a rather interesting card strategy game . Then follow Machine Heart , Battle Grid Prologue and Orb Flight , a “meditative and relaxing” game centered on flying spheres. Last, but not least, The Unfallens Awakening : « Travel through the remains. Awaken true power. Recover what has been lost. Experience challenging boss battles,” reads the official description.

In order to download the games in question, you simply need to have an active and functioning Steam account and click the links below.

After that, just click on the “Start Game” banner of the respective titles, to embark on the adventure without too many problems. According to what has been revealed, the games should not have an expiration date, while regarding Metro Last Light Definitive Edition the offer will not last long, but the game will remain yours forever.

Hurry !!!! Download this game before this offer expires!!!!!

Grab “Metro Last Light Definitive Edition” for FREE here!

Grab “Dubspace ” for FREE here!

Grab “Lies of Astaroth” for FREE here!

Grab “Machine Heart” for FREE here!

Grab “Battle Grid Prologue” for FREE here!

Grab “Orb Flight” for FREE here!

Grab “ The Unfallens Awakening” for FREE here!

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